African Masks

African Masks

Creativity and Culture will play together in this activity. Children will learn about Africa and local traditions while creating a mask based on what their understanding of the explanation! Come to have fun with us!  

DULI Delft is at Orangeschool

DULI Delft is at Orangeschool – The Hague, since september, with extracurricular, managed by our partner Ana Fragoso. Ana is the mom of the lovely twins Beatriz & Carol She is perfectionist, easy going and very communicative. If you have any question,...

New Contact at International School of Delft

From November, Ana Parra will be attending the parents and children at International School of Delft. Ana Parra is mother of Tomas, from group 5, she is very friendly and a well trusted person to help me to keep the quality of care and love to all children you trust...